Do I need more than one toolkit?

Each toolkit has enough materials for 40 students max, so if you’re teaching a bigger workshop, yes - you’ll need more than 1 toolkit. The toolkit can be reused to coach as many workshops as you’d like!

How many Facilitators should I have?

We recommend 4 total.

What's the best way to learn how to teach the workshop?

First, find 2-3 other people who can teach the workshop with you. Once you receive your toolkit in the mail, sit down with your group and go through the box together, while watching the tutorial videos online and reading the instructions.

Decide who will teach which section, and practice teaching each activity out loud. If any questions pop up, reach out at — we love hearing from our toolkit users and usually respond within 24 hours.

How long does it take to prepare for the workshop?

That depends! The 4 main categories for preparation are:

  • Practice: Get together with your team to read the instructions, decide who will teach which activity, and practice!
  • Registration: We recommend using Eventbrite to gather sign-ups.
  • Logistics: Find and reserve a space for the workshop to be held (ex. classroom).
  • Materials: Print the workshop packets (you'll receive a PDF when you order your kit) and make sure you have enough post-its and pens!

Do you have any marketing materials or flyers we can use?


How do I get students excited about the workshop?

Can I teach the workshop for boys, too?


Can I charge $$ for students to attend the workshop?


Do I need to laminate the workshop packets?


What should we do after the workshop is over?

Fill out this 3min feedback form about how the event went and how your personal experience was using the toolkit. There’s also a section where you can give advice to future workshop coaches.

If possible, ask for students' emails so that you can keep in touch with them about how their mission statements are going over time. The workshop might spark new questions or thoughts for students that don’t come up until after the workshop has ended, and you’ll be a great mentor and resource for students to continue the work they started.

Are there other workshop teachers I can connect with to learn more?