our mission

Between childhood and womanhood, girls experience a phenomenon known as "losing voice." 74% of 12-year-olds surveyed by Girl Scouts of America list "improving the world around me" as one of their favorite activities, but a lack of confidence holds them back from taking leadership in the areas of change they care most about. In fact, only 1/3 of middle-school girls today believe they can be a leader.

That's why we founded Girls Driving for a Difference—an organization dedicated to giving every girl the tools and inspiration to become a leader of social change.

the workshops

Our workshops, geared towards girls ages 10-15, are 2 hours long, fun and easy to teach and learn, and filled with inspiration and color.

As part of the workshops, girls experience design thinking—a creative problem-solving tool that helps them think outside the box about ways they can help others and make an impact.

Today, you can find our workshop materials in the hands of schools, organizations, and passionate people around the world, who are teaching workshops and collectively reaching thousands of girls.

We believe every girl has the potential to become a leader and create her own change. She just needs the right tools and inspiration.

Find Your Drive

In this workshop, girls identify their strengths, discover their unique leadership style, and reframe problems in the world as opportunities. Girls are able to bond, laugh, and be silly, while also learning more about what really matters to them. Each girl graduates from the workshop with their own personal mission statement for improving the world around them.

*NEW!*  Make Your Mark

This workshop helps girls turn their mission statements into a reality. Girls form teams, brainstorm lots of ideas together, and use fun arts & crafts supplies (like modeling clay and pipe cleaners) to create their own physical prototypes of their ideas. Each girl graduates from the workshop with a prototype and an action plan they can use with their team to keep going.



join our next event!

On Sunday, Dec 3, we'll be hosting a jam-packed day of design thinking and leadership activities, open to all middle-school girls and high-school freshmen in the Bay Area.