part 4: leadership quiz

Led by Facilitator #3

Sitting at their team tables, students take a Leadership Quiz by passing 8 question cards (see the blue cards below) around the table, and tallying their answers in their Workshop Packet.

When the quiz is over, we pass out the Answer Key Cards so each student can discover their leadership style and personal strengths.


Since the quiz has 8 questions total, it works best to pass the quiz cards around tables of 8 students, so that everyone gets a card. If you have a team of 7, join in as the 8th player and take the quiz with them. If you have a team of more than 8, have students partner up to share a quiz card and answer the question together.

Have fun engaging with students and even creating a little suspense on what the different colors might stand for, before you reveal the Leadership Style Answer Keys!
— Tip from Natalya on the GDD team