part 5: mission statements

Led by Facilitator #4 (usually Jenna from the GDD team!)

Students come together in the center of the room to play a silly, class-wide game called “Cross-Roads," where they close their eyes and try to find everyone else in the room that has the same Leadership Style as they do! 

Afterwards, we sit down with the students in huddle groups to discuss our shared leadership styles, celebrate each other's strengths, and create our own personal mission statements.


Sometimes we hear girls say, “I’m good at ____, but I don’t know if that makes me a leader.”

In this section of the workshop, the most important lesson that students can take away is that they are a leader for being exactly who they are. We believe there’s no such thing as being “either a leader or a follower” — we all lead in our own unique way, and each of our “leadership styles” are special and valuable to others.

This can be a big leap for students to make. You have an opportunity to guide them in seeing their leadership abilities in a beautiful new light!
— Tip from Jenna on the GDD team