part 5/6: mission statements

  • Play the game "Cross-Roads," where everyone closes their eyes and tries to find everyone else in the room that shares their leadership style, by making the sound of their leadership color
  • Sit down in huddle groups to talk about what each leadership style means to you, and celebrate each other's strengths
  • Create your own personal mission statement for making a difference in your community


In the huddle groups, sometimes we hear girls say things like, “I think I’m good at ____, but I don’t know if that makes me a leader.”

In this section of the workshop, the most important lesson that students can take away is that they are a leader for being exactly who they are. We believe there’s no such thing as being “either a leader or a follower” — we all lead in our own way, and each of our leadership styles are important and valuable to others.

This can be a big leap for students to make. You have an opportunity to guide them in seeing their leadership abilities in a beautiful new light!
— Tip from Jenna on the GDD team