During the summer of 2015, we jumped on the road in an RV to teach workshops for hundreds of girls across the nation.

In 14 weeks, we crossed 32 states, coached 55 workshops, and reached more than 1200 girls. We partnered with a diverse range of communities, including schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, sports teams, Girl Scout troops, and more. We also hosted pop-up events at libraries, museums, and innovation hubs.




We launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign so that we could coach all of our workshops for free as we drove across the country. The campaign also helped us connect with numerous schools, orgs, and non-profit leaders across the country who could help bring our vision to life in their communities.

As a teacher, it’s a passion of mine and our entire department to create opportunities for students to have “real world” experiences. We had four high school girls (3 seniors, 1 sophomore) run a workshop for 28 middle-schoolers.

By use of your creative, innovative, and AMAZING workshop, we were able to give our girls not just the chance to build relationships with a younger generation, but also a better understanding of what it means to plan and implement a workshop like this. We were extremely proud of the girls’ maturity to take on the workshop and work with younger girls who had some very interesting goals they wanted to drive forward!
— Kelly Rule, Staley High School Teacher