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We believe that teaching design thinking & girls leadership should be fun, easy to learn, and accessible for everyone. That's why we've worked hard to package all our best practices together into one box. All you need to get started is a Teaching Toolkit.



the teaching toolkit


The Teaching Toolkit is a "workshop in a box" that includes all the materials and info you'll need to start teaching. The Find Your Drive toolkit comes with:

  • Facilitation Guidebook
  • "How To" Note Cards
  • Activity Strength Cards
  • Leadership Quiz Cards and Answer Keys

Check out the online tutorials for step-by-step instructions, photos, and videos for teaching your first workshop.

You can use the toolkit to coach as many workshops as you'd like. Just keep re-stocking it with post-its and printed workshop packets, and you'll be all set to go.

the impact you'll create


You can use this workshop and toolkit to:

  • Try design thinking for the first time in your Girl Scout troop, classroom, program, or event.
  • Create a space for girls to connect as leaders and change-makers in your school or community.
  • Add a social impact mission/purpose to the STEM work that your community is already doing.
  • Empower high school / college women to coach a workshop for younger girls, and become even more inspiring mentors, leaders, and role-models for them.
  • Kick-off the new school year or semester in an inspiring, meaningful way. The workshop focuses on teamwork, creativity, and celebrating each other's strengths.

We work in a school where 91% of our kids are on free and reduced lunch/breakfast and our population is very high need. Last year, our 7th grade girls struggled to get along. For the workshop, we brought 30 of these girls together with the idea of showing them their own strengths and the strengths of others.

Long story short, WE LOVED THIS WORKSHOP. Girls of all backgrounds with all sorts of history with each other came together. The staff who led the workshop were so pleased with how it went.

The girls created posters with mission statements that will be hung up in the hallways when they start school next week. We are going to continue working with the girls so they can make the changes they wrote on their mission statements.
— Maria Lantz, Harding Middle School (Des Moines, IA)

The toolkit is fantastic. It provides you with everything you need to run the workshop. I recommend laminating the cards so that they can be reused more. The Facilitation Guide provided clear instructions, and the videos on the G.D.D. site helped us to visually see the instructions in action. Well done, ladies.

For the workshop, we started with a group of girls who, for the most part, had no idea why they were really there. Mom/Dad said, “Hey, there’s this thing at work, you should go,” so they did. Now, our parents say their girls are still raving about the event and want to participate in the next one, now that they know how much fun and how cool it was to hang out at “Mom/Dad’s work” for a morning.

It was a LOT of fun. It was work and a labor of love. Seeing the joy and excitement on our girls’ faces made it worth the effort. We look forward to having a Saturday event in the fall.
— Sheilla Ferreira, Change Healthcare